Hello World

print "hello world";

Hey everyone!

What is this blog about? I think I’ll just post stuff relating to AI, my thoughts, and my experiments (I’m mainly fascinated by neural nets and genetic algorithms, but I wanna look into other stuff also).

Why? I’ve been programming for a while, wasn’t very into it mainly ‘cos I didn’t really need it to do anything, but it was an interesting way to pass time. I’ve always liked robots and scifi, so I looked into AI. By chance I found this and other sites about neural networks. That site was amazing, I mean it was pretty awesome how it worked and I actually understood it! (I’m gonna post cool things I’ve done so far in a later post).

What’s the point? I don’t know, I guess I want to focus in on this interest, and share it with others (ha if they even want to read this, I’ll be glad). I think it’s also fun to document your progress and then look back on it, a blog provides a great platform to do so.

Yeah, that’s about it.