How to Install Pygame on OSX Yosemite (when there's an error that pygame requires System Python 2.7 to install)

When I was trying to install Pygame today, I tried to use the installer but out popped this error:

The ERROR...

pygame 1.9.1 release can't be installed on this disk. pygame requires System Python 2.7 to install.

This was frustrating so I used my google foo and found a stackoverflow page, exactly my problem. Now, I have to admit, it took me pathetically about half an hour to figure it out, even though the solution was ON that page, albeit somewhat obscured (at least to me), I just didn’t realise it.

I tried using homebrew, which for some reason needed to be reinstalled and then tried to do various things based on other links I found.

When that all failed, I looked back and found that once I installed XQuartz and used the MacOS 10.7 build, it worked. Here’s what you only have to do:

Step 1: Make sure you have Homebrew and install XQuartz in Terminal

brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz

Step 2: Install Pygame with this.